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IZAKAYA Gon's concept

和の心の一つとして、お客様や訪問頂いた客人に対し、「貴方とこうして出会っているこの時間は、 二度と巡っては来ないたった一度きりのもの、だからこそこの一瞬を大切に思い、今出来る最高のおもてなしをしたい」と言う語彙があります。

Your everyday encounters and stories happen only once. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences should be treasureed. As part of the Japanese spirit,the time spent encountering customers and those that visit our establishment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Therefore,we treasure these moments and strive to provide you with the highest level of hospitality as possible.That is what we believe a once-in-a-lifetime experience should be.

Five characteristics of “Japanese Foods”

Excellent nutrition balance

It is said that the idealistic diet is with “one soup and three dishes”. In addition to that, Japanese traditional diet comes with white rice and pickled vegetables. “Soup” comes with vegetables, seafood, as well as tofu. “Three dishes” are typically side dishes, including the salted pickled vegetables, which allows the best combination with white rice.


Low fat, Low calories

Japanese cuisine is well known for being healthy with low calories due to the ingredients that are used.


Light flavor maintains quality of the best ingredients

Japanese cuisine contains flavor of the ingredients, by often replacing seasoning with healthier, authentic broth produced by kelp and dried bonito.


Fresh ingredients

The best way to obtain the most nutrition is to eat flesh sashimi, which is also recognized as one of the most known Japanese culture.


Incredible varieties of fermented food

Japanese seasoning such as Miso and Soy Sauce not only strengthen people’s immune and digestive system, but it also contains a lot of enzyme, which helps digest carbon hydrates. “Nato” is also known as fermented food that catalyzes intestinal actions. Japanese cuisine contain a lot of fermented foods that could benefit your health and beauty.


We want to deliver
very delicious rice.

We want more customer to experience sweet taste of rice that that explodes in mouth.

As a country that has originated culture of rice, we seek to spread the pleasure experiences with rice. Through you experiences with Izakaya Gon’s, you will have deeper understandings of Japanese rice.

We want to spread our prestigious rice culture to the world.

We want to serve people who has never tried sweet taste of rice. We want to deliver authentic rice that farmers had taken great care. Izakaya Gon’s is working hard to let the world acknowledge the true awesomeness of rice.

Earthen pot triggers the sweetness of rice.

Izakaya Gon’s uses earthen pot to cook rice. Earthen pot can help cook rice into an excellent condition with a far-infrared effect, which makes the rice turn into a perfect degree of softness.

We select the rice with best quality.

We only pick the really delicious rice. Izakaya Gon’s uses Super Premium Rice.

*the brand of rice may change based on the season.