Izakaya Gon's & Sushi Bar

Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
at Denman st. of Vancouver BC

Authentic Japanese food menu

Sashimi, tempura, rice bowls, skewers, etc.

Fresh fish dishes

Enjoy Japanese sushi, sashimi, and seafood bowls made with fresh fish.

Japanese Restaurant IZAKAYA Gon’s & Sushi Bar Deaman

The information on business hours

Lunch time 11:30am to 4pm.
Dinner time 5pm to 12am.

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Today’s Recommend
winter menu
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings!
PERONI and Asahi
Fresh Bluefin tuna(toro) & Uni are available Friday,Sarturday and Sunday
Fresh Bluefin tuna(toro) & Uni are available Friday,Sarturday and Sunday

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PERONI Draft and Asahi

NEW! PERONI Premium Italian beer born in Rome, Italy in 1963. How about a glass of Japanese food as a snack?

Chicken Wings Fes!

How about delicious chicken wings? These items are being offered at special prices every Wednesday after 9:30...


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Japanese Cuisine


Izakaya Gon's is Japanese restaurant.
We provide delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine like a sushi(roll sushi),tempura,noodles,etc.

We offer Japanese food such as fresh sashimi and sushi.

menu here

We have many delicious Japanese menus,like a Oyakodon,takoyaki,Udon,Ramen,etc.

We also have freshly fried skewers and tempura that are popular in Japan.


Menu Here

Our restaurant in Japan

Izakaya Gons is run by Beaver Company, which operates a number of restaurants in Japan.

Our restaurant in Japan

Our restaurant in Japan